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Why Do I Have These Symptoms?

Usually when you see your GP, you are asked what symptoms you have and then you are given a drug to alleviate those symptoms, because this is mostly the way the system is designed to work – to alleviate the symptoms.

Nutritional Therapy is different, we seek to identify the reasons why you might have those symptoms and to identify the underlying cause and it works very well alongside conventional medicine.

A trained nutritional therapist will try to understand what may be the potential mechanism behind the issues that are presenting. We may see the cause as high levels of inflammation in the body, or will test for viruses and levels of nutrients and then ask why: Is there a problem with the health of the microbiome? Is there an intolerance to certain foods or an autoimmune reaction? How much stress has the client experienced? Is there a family history?

Then, considering all these factors, we work with the client to compile a food and lifestyle plan to help them achieve their health goals. Depending on the client, this may include only 1 or 2 changes, for others they may want to do us much as they can, as quickly as they can, so in these cases more changes will be recommended. We work to the pace and lifestyle of the client.

You must see your GP for any medical diagnosis and continued support and it is always recommended that you discuss any dietary changes with your GP.

Book an appointment with a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist to begin your journey.

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