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Individual Programmes

Our programs are designed to provide our clients with the best nutrition advice and support to enable you to significantly improve your health and get back control of  your life.

Features of our programs

  • Custom-designed program aimed to your specific goals & current lifestyle 

  • Nutrition Practitioner with a specialist degree in Nutritional Therapy 

  • All of our programs involve face to face and skype consultations 

  • Our programs are aimed at both educating our clients around how to eat, and changing their behaviours so that the changes they make are sustainable

How this benefits you

  • Your nutrition plan is tailored to your actual physiological and biochemical requirements, and is not a generic or fad ‘diet’

  • You will be dealing with a highly qualified and experienced professional 

  • You’ll be able to discuss your health and program at a time to fit your schedule

  • Our aim is to introduce you to new habits which should ultimately enable you to live a healthier and more enjoyable life


7 weeks package: £350 (1x initial consultation, 3 follow up skype calls)

12 weeks package: £450 (1x initial consultation, 5 follow up skype calls)

16 weeks package £550 (1x initial consultation, 7 follow up skype calls

6 months package: £850 (1x initial consultation, 12 follow up skype calls)

Initial consultations are usually face to face and involve a comprehensive 90-minute consult looking in depth at your past and current state of health, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, habits, medication and supplements. The questionnaire and 4 day food diary must be completed and returned to me at least 2 days prior to the consultation. If this is not returned in time there may be a need to reschedule your appointment.


Bi monthly follow up appointments are usually via Zoom calls and are approximately 30 minutes.


Built into the costs is extensive time researching and working on your case ‘behind the scenes’. This allows me to really investigate your health history and condition (because no two people’s illness is the same, even when the diagnosis is) and the most recent medical literature and intervention options.


If your case requires additional research or follow-up work, the time spent on this may also be charged for, and this will be discussed with you.

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