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Exercise, Mental Health and My Cute Personal Trainer

Of all the lifestyle changes, exercise is one of the best things we can do for our health and mental wellbeing. I have never been a great one for sticking to exercise – I did running for a bit, I’ve joined gyms & cycled but keeping the discipline has been a real struggle.

I live opposite fields and woods – within 2 minutes of leaving my house I am in my happy place where I am surrounded by wildlife, peace and trees but despite having that on my doorstep I was probably only getting out for a good walk once or twice a week.

Working from home, doing a job that requires a lot of research its easy to get lost behind the computer screen all day and to barely move.

But this all changed 8 months ago.

I found the best personal trainer around. Twice a day without fail, she gets me outside and makes me do all the things I tell my clients to do – connect with nature, get out in the sunshine and get some exercise.

She is relentless and wont take no for an answer and when you have this to contend with, what else can you do but to get up and get out:

Apart from the health benefits of moving my body and being outside – the joy of watching her running around the woods with her ears lolloping about as she chases squirrels also makes me laugh and smile, which is also good for our mental health.

I know we cant all own dogs but before we got our dog we borrowed other people’s dog through the great website so if you cant have your own dog I really recommend committing to borrowing someone else’s and making dog walking a part of your weekly routine.

If you are not a dog lover, then ask a friend, neighbour or colleague to commit to doing something with you, that way you are accountable to each other and you also have someone to keep you company.

Exercise improves our heart health, helps keep our bones strong, improves sleep and cognitive health and improves our mood. So whether its dancing round the kitchen to your favourite song, gardening, running, swimming or dog walking, try and make it part of your daily routine and I promise you will notice the difference.

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